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Best Air Mattress Buying Guide 2019

Air mattresses provide comfort and ease for traveling or camping. They are just perfect for outdoor purposes. This makes them easy to inflate or deflate and more portable. Air mattresses come in a wide range of sizes, material, and, features, and price. 

They are designed to resist most of the hash condition of the environment. This makes them perfect for camping and other outdoor activities. If you are looking to buy the right air mattress for your needs, this air mattress buying guide will help you make informed decisions


How much weight can the air mattress take? Here, you need to select a mattress based on the weight of the individual who is going to use it. This consideration will be important if you are expecting someone with a larger frame to use the air mattress.   Otherwise, the normal capacity for most air mattresses should be enough for an average sized individual.

Is it easy to inflate?

If you need the mattress for camping purposes, it should be very easy to inflate or deflate. There are different types of air mattresses. Some come with an internal pump to help you easily inflate or deflate it. Some others have manual pumps, while there are others that are self-inflating. Obviously, the self-inflating units are far better for camping purpose. They are easy to inflate or deflate. They have low maintenance and are usually lightweight.

Other extra features

Some air mattresses come with extra features that may not be very important. But they provide added fun, which is a cool thing if you have extra cash to include those features. For example, some models have a USB port to enable users to charge their laptop, tablet, or phone overnight. Some others come with LED light at the base of the mattress. This is to show light to the user when they want to use the bathroom.  In fact, some new models come with sensors. These help to determine any drop in pressure at night. When there is a drop in pressure, the mattress automatically inflates to cover up for the lost air. All these features can enhance the overall satisfaction you get from the mattress.

Purpose of the mattress

Different people have different priorities when it comes to the air mattress. Some prefer something that’s more comfortable while others want something that is more compact easy to transport.  If you are using the air mattress for camping, you should be looking for mattresses with portable features. 

There are certain features that will make an air mattress more comfortable. A self-inflating mattress will be more suitable for campers.  But if you are getting the mattress for an elderly one, you need to consider an air mattress that is supportive, durable and reinforced.

The bedding

The bedding of an air mattress can have a considerable impact on the level of comfort you get. When selecting a very comfortable one, select one that is topped with velveteen material. This will remove the slippery sound and feel of most air mattresses.

​Consider the cost

Although cost should be a very important factor to consider when buying an air mattress. If you are on a budget, you may give some thought on the cost of the ideal mattress you need. Remember that the cost of a mattress is a representation of its features. The more features they have the more expensive they will be. So, if you don’t need too many unnecessary features, select a mattress with the most important features you need.

Level of support

Properly designed air mattress has a considerable level of support. They distribute air equally in the mattress. This keeps offs bubbles or humpy spots that makes you roll off the bed. Select an air mattress that has a network of chambers or internal air coils. For a queen-sized mattress, you should see those with chamber counts of more than 30. These will enhance the level of support on the mattress.

The best mattress will hold enough air throughout the night

Almost all types of air mattresses lose some level of air over the night.  They can deflate when in use as a result of changes in temperature and the sleeper’s weight. But the best air beds lose very little air that it is almost impossible to notice. When you are selecting an air mattress, make sure you select the right mattress that doesn’t leak too much air overnight.

Double-height air mattress

Double-height air mattress will help you easily get in and out of the bed. This may not be a viable option if you are buying a camping mattress. But if you are buying an air mattress that will be stationed in one place, you can consider going for this type of mattress.

The inflating method is also important, particularly for users who are in a hurry to pack things up. If the mattress is basically for indoor use, you can select an air mattress with pump plugging directly on the wall socket. This makes inflation convenient and quick.

But if the main purpose of the air mattress is for camping, you should settle for an air mattress powered by a battery. You may select the model that can be plugged in your car’s outlet.

Some mattresses do not come with a pump, which may not be the best option for some users. If you are going to need to inflate or deflate regularly, you should select a mattress that comes with the pump. Otherwise, you may need to buy a separate pump. So, you need to look at their accessories before making your final buying decision. The most important thing is to understand the features you need and look for when buying an air mattress.

The best air mattress will dwell on comfort and portability. They provide the right level of comfort and let you enjoy your rest, whether outdoors or indoors. If you are looking for the best air mattress, the guide above will help you select the perfect one that’s ideal for you.


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